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WhippleWare creates high quality, industrial strength utilities for VB developers. Our current products are VB Compress Pro, an analysis and optimization tool that helps you clean up code in minutes, VB Language Manager Pro, which makes localizing VB apps as easy as 1-2-3, and VB HyperDocs, a unique technical documentation tool that is both automated and completely customizable. Read about them on the following pages, and download the demos to see for yourself why we win awards.

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VBLM Version 6.0 is Shipping!
I am delighted to announce the release of VB Language Manager Version 6.   Over a year in the works, V6 is the first complete rewrite since V1 and has been substantially improved in every respect. V6 incorporates both major changes in form and function and dozens of refinements.  It does not have .NET support (that comes next), but it does have lots of nifty new features such as complete support for program groups of   unlimited size, complete support for all types of projects (eg ActiveX DLLs), intelligent import/export, multi-instancing of translations, runtime-switching of interface dimensions as well as strings, and too much other stuff to list here.  You can read about what's new in V6, check out the complete docs online, and/or download a fully functional evaluation copy.

I threatened before that when VBLM6 shipped, maybe I'd find time to update some or all of this pathetic web site!  Let's see what happens...

Back to Work
Spring 2001: Those who have visited this stagnant page over the past several months no doubt wondered if WhippleWare was out of business.  We weren't and we aren't, and we never stopped selling and supporting our products. I did, however, take a long break from writing code, which you can read about at Ben takes a  sabbatical.  Now it's back to work, first on VB Compress Pro V7,  then VB Language Manager V6, and finally on VB HyperDocs V2.  I'll post projected release dates and features as soon as I've gotten back into the work enough to do better than guess.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

By the way, VB HyperDocs has been out for a year now, and has gotten an enthusiastic response despite the fact that we haven't advertised it.  Two weeks ago, for example, Ron Zettlemoyer at Honeywell  wrote that "I just wanted to say what a great product HyperDocs is! I spent a couple days this week reviewing documentation products for VB and yours is by far the best and most powerful." Thanks Ron!   Download a full featured 30 day eval here and try it yourself.

Old News

VB Compress Pro Version 7.0
March 14, 2000: With VBHD out the door, it's time to overhaul VBCP.   It's past time, actually; V6.1 shipped almost 16 months ago and is looking a little long in the tooth.  Version 7 is going to be a big change.  For starters, it will be a pure 32 bit app, with no 16 bit baggage like V6.1's dated interface.  It will support analysis of program groups.  It will generate very snazzy graphical call trees, called trees, dependency analyses, structural diagrams, and pretty much any graphics that people have ever asked for.  It will save its analyses to disk, meaning you don't have to re-analyze from scratch each time.  With these and other new features, it is going to be much improved over V6.1, though no less reliable or robust.

Although it is an ambitious upgrade, I already have many of these new capabilities well along in development and hope to release by mid summer.  The beta will probably start in June; let me know if you would like to participate.  Anyone buying V6.1 between now and then will get a free upgrade when it ships.

BTW, V6.11 is the latest version -- see the revision history to learn what's new.

VB HyperDocs is shipping!
Feb 4, 2000: Believe it or not, VB HyperDocs 1.0 is now shipping!  It's been 26 months(!) since I started working on it, which is slightly more time than it takes an elephant to make another elephant and slightly less time than it takes Detroit to make a new car.  Of course, if you need technical documentation for a VB project, VBHD is way more useful than either of these.   Seriously, I think (and many beta testers agree) that it came out very well.   VBHD 1.0 costs $295 for a single license, $995 for a 4-pack.  Download a fully functional 30 day evaluation copy and please let me know what you think.

BTW, if you participated in the beta and did not receive e-mail notification of final release, the e-mail address I've got for you is NFG -- let me know.

New Server seems to be fine
Last week we noted a few site problems due to a domain transfer and a new server.  Everything seems to be OK, now.  Also, since we have a lot more space on the new server, we added a new page to the site -- the Gladstone-Whipple Family Picture Page!  The world may not have been waiting for this, but I know 4 online grandparents who'll think it's neat. Besides, I needed a brief break from writing docs (next item).

WhippleWare has Moved!

WhippleWare has new digs at 28 Copley Street, Brookline MA 02446. Our new phone number is 617 264 9986, and E-mail remains unchanged. In the near future we'll also be changing our ISP, getting an SDSL hookup, and may even attempt to host our own site. I sure hope that it will be a smooth transition...

VB Language Manager Pro Version 5
VBLM 5 is shipping and available for download, as of May 1, 1999. It's been quite an ordeal, both for many patient users and for me, the non-smoking, moving, DSR-battling developer. My first estimated release date was mid-November of 98, so let's see, it's 5 1/2 months late. This is easily the biggest slip in WhippleWare's history, and if I wasn't so relieved right now, I'd be embarassed. In any case, VBLM 5 has lots of new stuff -- in addition to full VB6 compatibility, I've implemented almost (but not quite) every feature that users have requested or suggested since the release of V4 last year. For example, VBLM 5 now does resources. For a full description of what's new, check out the revision history.

An upgrade to VBLM5 costs $300. A new license costs $395 (yes, we raised the price, but VBLM is still one of the most capable yet cheapest localization tools around).

WhippleWare is Moving!
The main reason why VBLM5 slipped yet again (here it comes -- the excuse of the week) is that WhippleWare is preparing to move. Much of the preparations involve making our current home look like two slob adults and two slob kids haven't been living there for years making a mess of the place. This has meant moving every piece of furniture at least twice, supervising painters, fixing a million broken things, etc, etc. There is urgency to this, because we need to get this house on the market ASAP or we're going to end up owning two houses at the same time (not good). We will close on our new house May 3rd, and move as soon as school's over. WhippleWare's new home is a neat old Arts & Crafts style house in Brookline, where the slob kids can go to public school. Maybe I'll get a picture up on the Etc page.

Oh No! Not Again!
Has anyone noticed that WhippleWare has been even worse than usual at keeping on schedule lately? That some of our email has been, well, a bit brusque? That some email doesn't get answered promptly? That our telephone manners have deteriorated? There's a simple reason -- Ben Whipple (that's me) is trying to quit smoking again. During my last attempt 2 years ago, I spent 5 months power-walking around Boston in a state of perpetual agitation, unable to concentrate enough to write code; heck, I could barely focus long enough to take down a credit card number. I kept waiting for my brain chemistry to recover, but it didn't, so I gave up, bought a pack, and got back to work. This time, I'm counting on modern pharmaceuticals (Zyban -- GREAT stuff) and nicotine gum to escape my 30 year 2 packs a day habit. I don't have my usual powers of concentration, but I haven't had a cigarette in 345678910 11 months and I am writing code, albeit slowly. Sorry for delays, and for the incessant gum chewing you'll hear if we talk on the phone. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP

VB Compress Pro Version 6.1: Ready for VB6
We're pleased to announce the 11/12/98 release of VB Compress Pro Version 6.1, with full support for VB 6 and enough spiffy new features that I would have called it Version 7 if I hadn't wanted to resynch with VB. Upgrades cost $150, new licenses $195.  Read about what's new on the revision history page, and grab the demo on the download page. If you're entitled to a free upgrade, contact us with your serial number.

VB HyperDocs Enters Beta Test
VB HyperDocs, our new automated documentation tool, is available for beta testing. Gee, only 6 months behind schedule. But I kept thinking of neat new features that it really needed...well, you know how it is. See VB HyperDocs for more info.

Year 2000 Compliance
Every version of every product we've ever shipped will be completely unaffected when the Year 2000 arrives. See Y2K Compliance for a full statement.

No Future for VB5To3
For the last few months, I had a question posted here soliciting feedback on a tool that reads VB5 code and generates VB3-compilable versions (I've got a working, in-house prototype, and was trying decide if it was worth the effort to make it into a real product). Interest has been slight, so don't hold your breath waiting for a commercial version of VB5To3 -- it's not going to happen.

Free tool to hinder VB3 Decompilation
Do you still use VB3? I do (sometimes). Are you concerned about those jerks out there using decompilers to steal your work? I am, and that's why I wrote a utility that modifies VB3 exe files to prevent or at least hinder decompilation. This utility, including full source code, is yours for free on the download page. Please help yourself, and distribute it freely. No guarantees, but I promise it works better than the buggy "VBGuard" thing published in VBPJ a while back. Incidentally, I got some interesting email from the decompiler's author not long ago, threatening me with legal action for calling him a pirate in the code comments-- what do YOU think?

Latest Versions
VB Compress Pro 6.11, for all versions of Windows and VB, is now shipping. VBCP6 includes parallel 16 and 32 bit editions, both of which work with all versions of VB except VB1 (you do, however, need VB5 or VB6 to use the 32 bit version, because we're not distributing those troublesome runtimes). You can download the demo or full product from our download page, and/or find out what's new in the revision history. The price remains $195.

Note: If you purchased VBCP Version 5.0, you can still download a free upgrade to Version 5.1, which your V5 serial number will unlock.

VB Language Manager Pro 6.0, for all versions of Windows and VB, is shipping. The price, for now, remains $395. An upgrade from Version 5 costs $300.  Go to the download page to try it or buy it, or to the revision history to read about what's new.

VB/ Rig Pro Sails Away...
Despite the ad that VBPJ ran by mistake in the 11/97 issue, WhippleWare no longer sells VB/ Rig Pro. See 'Rig Sails Away' for more information.

Revision Histories
Want to know what's new, feature- and fix-wise? Do you need the latest version? Click for a history of all changes to VB Compress Pro and VB Language Manager Pro since 1995. If you've ever reported a problem or made a suggestion, you might even find yourself listed in the Hats Off! list.

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Sales: orders@whippleware.com
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