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VB/Rig Pro Sails Away...

As of close of business June 27, 1997, WhippleWare is no longer able to sell the VB/Rig Pro product written by Brad Kaenel at PC Help-Line. Our 6 month stint as VB/Rig Pro's publisher ended with the announcement from the ~$600 million CompuWare Corporation that they have purchased it lock, stock and barrel from PC Help-Line. Thus ends WhippleWare's first experience selling software that we didn't write ourselves. We will, of course, continue to support all customers to the best of our ability, and Brad will continue to provide ALL VB/Rig Pro customers with the support that only an author can provide. Contact him at brad_kaenel@eee.org if you have questions.

We're a bit speechless, given this unexpected turn of events, but here's what Brad suggested we tell people:

  1. VB/Rig Pro is now owned by CompuWare. Neither WhippleWare nor PC Help-Line can sell it.
  2. For a short while, no new copies of VB/Rig Pro will be entering the channel. Check with VBxtras to see if they still have stock to sell.
  3. The product is not disappearing, and Brad is working closely with CompuWare. Registered customers will be contacted shortly with more details about how to upgrade, where to buy, etc.

That pretty much sums up the situation we're in here at WhippleWare, and we apologize for any confusion and/or inconvenience that these changes cause. In closing, I'd like to answer a few specific questions that some of you may have.

I just bought VB/Rig Pro. I received Version 3, 32-bit, but I need a 16-bit version. The package told me to download it from your website. What should I do?

Email Brad, and he'll send you Version 2.1a. The version he'll send won't require a serial number.

I just upgraded to Version 3, and I'm having problems. What should I do?

Brad has just completed Version 3.01, with fixes for the problems reported to date in V3. The problems are all minor, but contact Brad and he'll send you V3.01. Your current serial number will enable it.

I have an older version of Rig, and I'm ready to upgrade. What should I do?

You can contact Brad, but I don't think he knows what CompuWare's plans are just yet, and I know that he can't sell you an upgrade. So you can contact him and be patient, or wait and see what CompuWare announces (their website is www.compuware.com).

Why did PC Help-Line pull the plug on WhippleWare?

Nothing personal. CompuWare came along and offered Brad more money, right now, than he was apt to collect in the next two years working with a little guy like us. When he told us about their offer, our reaction was "Hey, you'd be crazy to turn that down!" And he didn't.

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