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Imaging Tools

Easel for Digital Images, 60 Day Evaluation Copy

Easel for Digital Images, Full Edition  [License Required]

Easel for Digital Images 8x10/A4 Edition [License Required]


Software Development Tools

VB Language Manager Pro 6.06.166 Evaluation Copy [2.4MB; VB5 or VB6 runtimes required.  Click here for more info]

VB Compress Pro Demo [Version 6.11; 1.51MB; VB5 or VB6 runtimes required for 32 bit edition]

VB HyperDocs 1.03 Evaluation Copy [Fully functional for 30 days; Requires VB5 SP2+   or VB6 runtimes; 1.3MB; 6/19/2001]

Development Tool Notes:

1) All files are WISE self-installing executables.

2) To install a full product, completely unzip ZIP files; if you run the EXE from withinWinZip or another zip utility, only a demo will be installed.

3) The "full product" files will install demos if you enter "DEMO" when prompted for a serial number, so you can save downloading time by skipping the demos and downloading only the full products.

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They make us say it: VB Compress Pro,  VB Language Manager Pro, VB HyperDocs, and Easel for Digital Images are trademarks of WhippleWare. Visual Basic is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved and cetera.