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Analyze & Optimize with VB Compress Pro

VB Compress Pro is a high performance tool that generates project metrics, code analysis, cross reference information, and optimized code. It works with all versions of VB except V1, so no matter what version of VB you’re using, VB Compress Pro will clean up your project in minutes, not weeks.
VB Compress Pro was recently awarded a ‘Stellar’ review in Windows Sources. Their bottom line: "A superfast and reliable code analyst and optimization tool. Every application built in Visual Basic could benefit from a few moments spent with this package." VB Compress Pro costs just $195 plus s/h, we think it will save you that in time & hassles with only one use!
Read product specs, revision history, or download a demo.

Localize with VB Language Manager Pro

VB Language Manager Pro manages the localization process from start to finish. You maintain a single unmodified copy of original source code, and build localized versions in unlimited national languages. Advanced features let you interface with 3rd party translation programs, width-check translations, extract and apply multiple sets of interface dimensions, translate across character sets, and build runtime-switched multilingual versions. Works with all versions of VB.
A review in Multilingual Computing advises, "VBLM is absolutely the best way to translate VB applications... It’s a very stable and mature product and you certainly ought to check it out if you’re serious about VB localization." We get calls from C programmers looking for a product like it, but for now only VB developers can get the benefits of localizing without tedium. Works with all versions of VB. Just $395 + s/h.
Read product specs, revision history or download a demo.

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