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Analyze & Optimize with VB Compress Pro

Quick Facts:
VB Compress Pro is a VB analysis and optimization tool.
Version 6.1x includes 16 and 32 bit editons and works with all versions of VB and Windows.
$195 plus s/h, upgrades $150 plus s/h
Windows Sources Stellar award
Visual Basic Programmers' Journal Editors' Choice award
Visual Basic Programmers' Journal Readers' Choice award
VBXtras Thunderbolt award
See revision history for for details about the latest version.

VB Compress is a high performance tool that generates project metrics, code analysis, cross reference information, and optimized code. It wins critics’ and customers’ applause because it lets developers write smaller, faster VB executables in less time. That's why it garnered both Editors' and Readers' Choice Awards from VBPJ. And why Windows Sources gave it a Stellar Award, its highest honor, calling VB Compress "A superfast and reliable code analyst and optimization tool. Every application built in Visual Basic could benefit from a few moments spent with this package."

VB Compress Pro includes both 16 and 32 bit editions and works with all versions of Visual Basic. It is fully compatible with all the features and formats in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0, yet still works with VB4 and VB3. It works with Win 95, Win NT, and Win 3.x. In short, whatever you’ve done or are planning to do about VB and your operating system, you only need one version of VB Compress Pro.

What does VB Compress Pro do?

VB Compress Pro does two things: analyzes your project from top to bottom, and reports in detail on what it finds; and creates an optimized copy of your code without a single unnecessary byte.

Analysis & Reporting


VB Compress Pro provides other advanced features

VB Compress Pro lets you write, manage, and maintain your code better, create the smallest EXE possible, and saves you time and money. If you’re serious about VB programming, you need VB Compress Pro. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users think:

"…VB Compress is essential for Visual Basic, especially for large projects. Congratulations on taking the time and initiative to write it. I also appreciate your prompt and courteous technical support."— Michael Bate, Massachusetts

"…Luv this tool! Wow, what a time saver." — Bob Tryon, London Life Insurance, Canada

"…The most valuable VB tool I have ever purchased."— Steven Carpenter, New Zealand

"…Your program is just perfect for my work—you saved me countless hours…and a whole lot of hassle."— Roger Gillan, Synthesys, Hong Kong

" VB Compress provides the fastest way we’ve found to trim fat from and tune performance in your VB files… The new version is practically dazzling as it roars through your project code." — Paul Bonner, Windows Sources, June 1996

VB Compress Pro comes with a thirty day, money-back guarantee. Download the demo to see for yourself why we win awards.

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