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This is our et cetera page where we've included information that just didn't seem to fit in other places, but that we thought you might be interested in:

News and notes...

Old News!
Boy, is this page old.  Carol Gladstone (the WhippleWife) created it  when she put us on the web in 1996, and I've barely touched it since.  For instance, down below it describes 4 year old David, who just happened to turn 6 today.  I'll probably never spend much time updating what's already here, but I just got a digital camera, and have decided to come through on an old threat to do some vanity publishing.   All four of David and Liz's grandparents are now online, so I'm starting a Gladstone-Whipple family pictures page.

Big News
The big news is that now that we're finally done updating the product line for VB6, maybe we'll have some time to work on new products. Stay tuned...

Reviews and comments!
VB Compress Pro has received some nice notices lately. In VBPJ, Will Fastie offered the following in his 'Guest Opinion': "If the VB5 compiler doesn't solve any lingering performance problems, I'll get Whippleware's fantastic VB Compress Pro product, which I've found makes an instant, visible difference." Fred Thorlin of HAL- VBSIG gave us a nice review in his "Visual Basic Encounter" section of HAL's home page. Our favorite quote: "Like a programmer's butler [the] VB Compress Pro program cleans up your code after you have done the creative part. Think of it as part of your support staff. This slave ... easily earns his keep." Click for the full review. Our friends from down under also covered VBCP in the Australian Visual Developer Forum. John Mina's positive review includes a great screen capture (gosh, we should do that ourselves!)

Listening to our customers
We always listen to our customers, although some times in takes us longer than we should to DO something about it. At long last, version change information is available. Go to the product information page.

Family news
Carol is too busy with her new real estate consulting biz to help out much at WhippleWare anymore (the timeliness of the web site shows it, but at least it's forcing Ben to pay more attention). David turned four last fall with a great Space birthday party. Liz, now 2, is speaking in full sentences and bossing everyone around. Maybe I'll do some "vanity publishing" and stick pictures of them up here...

About WhippleWare...

WhippleWare is a (very) small business, started when MIT student Ben Whipple used VB to write software for his doctoral research. Ben loved VB, but was frustrated by the time it took to make apps run efficiently, and the difficulty of sharing and reusing code without excessive overhead. Ben created VB Compress to solve these problems for himself, and has since written a new version with every release of VB. VB Language Manager Pro came next, a product which was suggested by a number of happy users of VB Compress. In between parenting and ongoing work with MIT, new products that enhance the productivity of professional developers are in the works.

Ben is having great fun creating and supporting tools for professional developers, and credits WhippleWare's success to three basic principles:

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