SX Options: Extract Strings Now

The Extract Strings Now page, accessed by selecting the Extract Strings Now node on the SX window's treeview, a) informs you if SX option settings have changed since VBLM last extracted strings from the parent VB project(s), b) details the results of the last string extraction, and c) allows you to command VBLM to perform a new one.


Last Extraction Results

The last extraction results info includes:

image\DIAMOND.gif the date and time it was performed

image\DIAMOND.gif whether or not an SXL file was found, and if so, whether or not it was applied and how many strings it caused to be excluded

image\DIAMOND.gif how many files were processed, and if any were ignored

image\DIAMOND.gif whether any comment directives were found

image\DIAMOND.gif how many string instances were found

image\DIAMOND.gif how many string instances were excluded by the exclusion rules

image\DIAMOND.gif how many instances and how many unique strings were extracted

image\DIAMOND.gif whether or not the extraction was logged

image\DIAMOND.gif if this was not the first extraction, whether or not the resulting update was logged

Note: The Extract Strings Now page is not available a) when no project is loaded, or b) when you access the SX window from the options menu instead of the action menu.

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