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If you spend much time fiddling with digital images -- for work, for fun, or both -- you owe it to yourself to try Easel for Digital Images.  Why?  Because the cost is low  -- you can download and use it free for 60 days, and easily erase it -- but, as you will quickly realize,  the benefits are high and unobtainable elsewhere.  Easel fDI is a unique image manipulation program, created for personal use by a serious computer/photo geek who's been writing software professionally for 20 years.  There is nothing else like it available.  And for a limited time, you can buy the full version for less than $50, or a limited version for less than $30.

So what exactly does Easel fDI do? The best way to learn is to view sample output, but in short, Easel fDI is an intuitive but industrial-strength photo collage tool with unprecedented precision and flexibility that can combine images, text, and graphic elements to produce stunning high resolution, large format output.  Whether you are a professional event photographer, a graphic artist, a real estate agent, a doting parent with a digital camera  -- basically anyone who wants or needs to do more with their images than just look at them  -- you'll find eye-catching, useful, time-saving, profitable and just plain fun things to do with Easel fDI.  Things you can't do with any other tool.  Things that prompt people to ask "Wow! How did you do that?"

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