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When a long-time employee accepted a new job elsewhere, one of my wife's partners suggested that "why don't you have your husband do one of those picture things he does, for a present?" So they e-mailed me a real grab bag of images -- jpgs, PDFs, bitmaps, etc -- of her and her projects over the years (commercial and non-profit real estate development). I had to spend a lot of time getting the images ready for use and filling some gaps with images from the internet, but then used Easel's auto-arrange to generate 20 alternative compositions in no time. My wife picked her favorite, we had Snapfish print a 20x30" poster (less than $25 delivered), and the presentation was the hit of the going away party. In fact, after she left with her poster, my wife's partner ordered an additional print, slightly modified, to hang in the office. "This poster shows almost every significant project we've worked on in the last 10 years," he explained.