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I created this collage using 45 of the 300+ professional photos taken at a wedding in Boston (mine, in fact). As we got married in the pre-digital age, I had to pull pictures from the album and scan them. I cropped while scanning, then used Easel's auto-arrange capability to generate 20 alternate compositions from which my wife and I picked the one we liked best. After scanning, the process took 20 minutes; 5 minutes for Easel to compose, then 15 minutes for us to decide.

Although I created the collage for marketing purposes, when my wife and I were done looking at them we both wanted a copy, and a gorgeous, high-resolution, blended edge 16x20 inch print now hangs in the hall. It cost $17, delivered, from Snapfish. What's it worth to the people involved? Priceless! Wedding photographers take note.