VBLM's dockable code window permits you to view the source code from which strings have been extracted. Accessible from the LTE and configured from the LTE Config window (or with a right-click), the contextual information provided by the code window helps you to translate (or to not translate) appropriately.


What's in the Code Window?

The content and format of the code window depend on the LTE Source Code Display settings. The content can be either the relevant section of the source file (ie, the definition section, the general declarations section, or the procedure in which the current LTE string appears), or it can be the entire file. This is determined by the code load size setting, which defaults to section.

The format can be either plain black text or rich text like the VB IDE (blue keywords, green comments, and the rest black). This is determined by the code format setting, which defaults to plain text (the load size and format default settings yield the fastest refresh of the code window).

Excluding Highlighted Code


The code window provides a handy way to tell VBLM to exclude strings that have been extracted for translation but shouldn't be. To do so, simply highlight the code containing the string, right-click, and select the preferred method: exclusion via list file, or exclusion via comment directives in source code. See comparing arbitrary string exclusion methods.

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